Brewery Tour & Tasting E&C

Every Saturday
Elephant & Castle
Brewery Tour & Tasting E&C

Get immersed behind the scenes of our unique brewery set up at our weekly brewery tour!

Led by Helen, our in-house sommelier and expert in German brewing tradition, you will be led around the fermentation cellar operations-, milling- & cooling room, as well as the actual brewing kit. You'll learn everything about our story, the brewing processes, ingredients we use and what we do differently to other breweries.

The tour is perfect for passionate beer drinkers as well as curious novices.

After the tour each of you will be served 3 half pints from our range of beers with a detailed explanation about each taste profile and difference in ingredients & production. When this is all done we invite you to stick around and check out the food offer from the 40+ street food vendors around the market and obviously enjoy our tank-fresh beers as much as you want.

If you want to enquire about booking a tour for a large group / party or on a specific date, please get in touch:

Tour & Tasting info:

Please have solid footwear
Meeting point: Taproom bar in front of the brewery
Duration - 1.5 hours
Included - 3 x half pints

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