The Big Reopening

The Big Reopening

We were waiting and now the day is here, the 12th of April - the big (partial) reopening of the hospitality scene in London.

The times changed and so did everything around us. We hope you all kept safe during the lockdown and we can feel everyone is ready to get back to a slightly more normal life! We’ve been busy and never stayed still to deliver you an improved German Kraft brew garden.

After this challenging time being locked up we can’t wait to meet everybody again and celebrate what humanity is all about: love, community and togetherness. With a good beer and food. And although we still need to adhere to the covid protocols we are very excited to be outside again in a wonderful beer garden!

After last summer we felt it was time to give our outside area a little glow up. Not just the obvious repairs and cleaning, but we tried to improve the seating arrangements and upgrade the space in the best way possible. All wooden elements like bar tops, floors, beer benches and tables got a nice polish and finish.

Now to make sure you embrace our brew garden even more we tried to give the word “garden” a bigger meaning, as the brewery part is already obvious. We will be surrounded by more bamboo, olive and palm trees and our hops have been sprouting already

We’ve still had a few beers in tank since the latest lockdown began but those were predominantly Lagers and if you know a little something about brewing beer, you’ll know that Lager beers are happy to be stored in the cold for quite some time.

Our brewers had enough time to fill up the rest of the tanks to their full 50.000l capacity, get ready for...

Of course, our flagship Heidi, a classic north Bavarian Lager. Nicely balanced between soft malt characters and hints of hops that it just makes sense to order another one.

Edelweiß, a German Wheat Beer with a harmonious combination of creaminess and fruitiness, also as is usual for this style you can taste banana, bubblegum, cloves and a full body.

Roman, a Pils with noble hop aroma, earthiness and a little bit of spice to it that reminds you of bergamot. The finish is classic for a Pils, dry and crisp.

Herbert, a Pale Ale and the tweaked version of our first one. It is sessionable, zesty with loads of grapefruit, orange and pineapple notes. Refreshing with a sharp, slight piney finish.

Otto, a Hopfenweiße which is a Wheat Beer, dry hopped with three different hops to give it a tropical flavour of coconut and pineapple.

Rot-Haus, a Red Lager with notes of caramel, roasted malts and a full body. It goes well during the spring time when the air is still a bit nippy and is a firm favourite with the usual ‘real ale’ drinker

Also what we can tell you already, there is another exciting fresh batch of the season waiting to get filled into the serving tank for you. That will be our Heike, a dry hopped, lower ABV version of our flagship Heidi. Using the hops ‘Mandarina Bavaria’ giving it a citrussy, fresh finish Also well balanced it has a beautiful zesty bitterness coming through.

We are happy that we can all finally come together again. So grab your favourite other household and enjoy a tank-fresh pint in the fresh air.

Now let’s hope we stay like this… open!

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