Stammtisch Mondays

Every Monday from 6pm-9pm
Elephant & Castle
Stammtisch Mondays

🍻Wilkommen to the German Kraft Stammtisch Mondays at Mercato Metropolitano 🍻

We are well aware living costs are on the rise and seeing your friends for a few pints at the pub. It's also no secret hospitality is also struggling so why don't we come together for a WIN-WIN day of the week. let us introduce STAMMTISCH MONDAYS!

£8 Steins and £4.50 Pints of our own brewed German Kraft core range beers every Monday from 6PM to 9PM

This includes the following:

- Heidi Helles

- Heinrich Zwickel Lager

- Lotte Hefeweizen

- Maike Pale Ale

(Subject to availability)

You can pick up this wunderbar deal at any of our bars within Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle.

You don't need to bring a voucher or ticket or proof etc.Just come up to our bar staff and subtly whisper in their ear 'I AM HERE FOR ZE STAMMTISCH' and the discount is yours 😉

See you Monday!

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What’s a H1 Rich Text element?

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